Working first as a counselor and later spending 15 years in high-tech., I constantly observed and analyzed people's and organizations' activities: what worked, what didn't, how time was spent, and the underlying factors of success and failure across organizations. People spend a surprising amount of time communicating and small differences between what was intended and heard in their communication is responsible for most corporate frustration and problems. Poor communication wastes millions of dollars annually and often stunts or halts the careers of fine professionals. It has been demonstrated this is avoidable through knowledgeable feedback and training to improve communication skills.


I bring a combination of extensive industry experience and education. Working in biotech, banking, non-profit, and high-tech (corporate and start-up) with companies such as: Apple, SGI, MIRC, Chevron, GenticXchange, and United Bank of Denver, I have held positions as crisis counselor, technical and management trainer, project manager, international marketing manager, and management and organizational development consultant. My M.A. is in Psychology, from University of Colorado at Boulder, and my M.B.A. is from Cambridge University, UK, specializing in International Management and Organizational Development. I am a certified Instructional Designer.


Because communication is critical to all aspects of personal and professional success, I work within a network of experienced professionals to bring you a broader range of services. I can refer you to services including public relations, speech and language training, psychology, psychiatry, and human resources. All network members are highly regarded professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in their respective fields.

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    Comments from Former Clients

"Very practical content. It has helped me significantly"

Product manager, database company

"In the fast-pace of on-line ventures I now have the skills to quickly transition between tough goal-setting activities and effective leadership—and the understanding of when to apply them."

CEO, internet company (20 year veteran in hardware, software, and internet ventures)

"Katherine helped me to see myself, which was immensely helpful in meeting the challenge of corporate life."

CSO, biotech

"I found Katherine to be a very effective coach. She listens very carefully and can grasp my concerns very quickly. She is then able to quickly offer suggestions and assign exercises that address the problem. Most importantly, she follows up with the appropriate feedback, which is critical to learning new skills."

Product Manager, biotech

"Katherine was the right person at the right time in my career transition. With a combination of insight, savvy business sense, and great techniques, she helped me restructure my resume, my aspirations, and my future."

Project Manger, Finance, international nonprofit

"Working inside of U.S. corporations was a very different experience for me. I made large mistakes and was very frustrated. After working with Katherine, I got the job that I wanted inside of a very good company."

Senior Accountant, "Big 5" accounting firm

"I especially liked the part that introduced the U.S. culture and how it affects the workplace. It helped me to find my weakness and work on it. I feel it is very effective."

Senior Programmer, database company

E-mail contact: Katherine Yagel
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