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    Are you getting the most out of your employees?

Your company has invested time and money recruiting and training highly-specialized people. They are smart and know their field, but their work could benefit from better communication skills. Top companies invest in communication training because employees spend most of their professional time communicating. Even modest improvements in communication skills result in stronger clearer leadership, the ability to identify and fix potential problems faster, and reduction of time spent on misunderstandings and conflict.

I divide my communications training and coaching services into two categories: Individual Contributor and Executive & Manager. Training classes are targeted at individual contributors because time demands on executives and managers make individual coaching the most effective choice.

Individual Contributor
Wouldn't the company be better off if
  • projects and products are completed faster with fewer problems?

  • more account opportunities are won?

  • personality conflicts are reduced?

  • managers and subordinates communicate better?

  • individuals' negative attitudes are reversed before they spread?

  • as a start-up company, you increase your chances to receive investment capital?

Your focus should be on meeting your quarterly goals, dealing with customer issues, keeping your company in compliance—but how much time do you spend dealing with "people" issues? "People" issues are almost always rooted in poor communication. I work with employees to solve communication difficulties while you focus on your milestones.

I coach and train individual contributors to improve their interpersonal communication skills. Working in classes or one-to-one, I help these clients advance their communication skills and styles so that they can successfully communicate one-to-one, in teams, and through presentations. Clients learn to use their own interests and temperament to best advantage, not simply act out new "correct" behaviors. By understanding why communication skills are important and how they fit comfortably into their professional and personal lives, clients make subtle fundamental changes, experience success, and are motivated to continue learning.

Executive & Manager
Your executive is remarkable at running the company, now he/she must
  • raise venture capital

  • communicate with and manage a rapidly growing company

  • maximize selling and customer skills

  • train his/her team to work at peak performance

  • make public appearances

  • interact with the press

  • present to investors

Executive responsibilities change as a company grows, no human is intrinsically perfect at all of the tasks required. I coach executives individually to maximize their sales, managerial, operations, and PR communications effectiveness. Because of my experience and training in both business and soft skills, I understand the cost/benefit corporate reality and the constant pressure of time. My coaching targets efficiency and improving the bottom line.

"Middle" managers share similar concerns and responsibilities with executives but have significantly different roles. To succeed, middle managers must excel in both strategic thought and completion of detailed tasks—and they must have excellent communication skills targeting three levels (up, down, and peer). I coach managers one-to-one and emphasize management (for all three levels), prioritizing and leading projects, and presenting.

You wouldn't hesitate to invest in vital technical training; shouldn't you invest in your employees' most time consuming activity?

Individual— working to enhance skills in team leadership, conflict resolution, career planning, social communication, and understanding U.S. culture.
Executive & Management— tuning skills in presence, presentations, management, setting and meeting business objectives, and understanding U.S. culture.
The 7 Attitudes for Successful Communication
Working with People
Communicating via Phone and Email
Communicating Up, Down, and Sideways
Dealing with Customers, Internal and External
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
Meeting Effectiveness
Effective Presentations

All classes are tailored to the individual group's needs. Custom classes can also be developed.

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