For many years—through my education and experience in psychology, business, and training—I have analyzed how people learn. The most rapid effective results are a result of two-way learning: tactical, improving specific behaviors combined with strategic, supplying "the big picture", what people are looking for when they communicate and why certain attitudes and behaviors are important and popular across cultures.

Using my method, you improve your communication skills through logic, understanding of psychological and communication principles, self evaluation, feedback, and practice. There is no mystery, anyone can learn quickly.

Two-Way Learning Model
  • Tactical Learning—starts with identifying the specific behaviors contributing to miscommunication followed by techniques to alter these behaviors. Through this approach you experience immediate success, identify and understand successful behaviors, and become comfortable with the learning process. This "virtuous cycle" of learning supports my goal: for you to continue to learn and improve independently.

  • Strategic Learning—you can spend years correcting thousands of individual behaviors, or you can understand the underlying principles of communication and improved behaviors will follow. This approach consists of information on the fundamental reasons why people communicate and why it is important to obey certain protocols for people to understand, feel comfortable, and receive what they were looking for by communicating. As part of this understanding, I train you in the 7 Attitudes for Successful Communication: optimism, empathy, lightheartedness, (emotional) risk taking, sincerity, active participation, and forgiveness. People, in all cultures, value these attitudes. Understanding these underlying comfort-providing elements is the key to fast assimilation and sustained success.

Using this Two-Way Learning model you learn faster and retain more because you quickly identify what is important and successful—and what is not. Also, I use exclusively real-world exercises, so you experience meaningful challenges and feedback. Clients report an immediate improvement in quality of life, on and off the job, following initial coaching.

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