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    Are you getting the most out of your career?
    Does it seem everyone has the "game plan" except you?

How much of your day do you spend communicating? If you consider meetings, phone, emails, hall conversations, lunch and after hours, you probably spend half of your day, on average, or even more. You invested years in formal education and work experience sharpening your fine technical skills. But how much have you invested in your communication skills?

I know many professionals who are very bright and excellent at their jobs. Yet they advance slowly, or are seemingly stuck at a level beneath their capabilities. They are resigned to either stay in a lower position or play the politics that they loathe. They don't understand there is a third choice. Changing minor communication behaviors can make an astonishing difference in how others perceive and listen to you. There is no magic involved, you simply develop skills that make it easier for others to interact with and understand you.

Good communication is akin to translation. Tactically, you must be able to recognize and act on certain social protocols. Strategically, you need an understanding of what people are looking for when they communicate. I work with you to develop your individual communication skills and style so that you

  • advance in your career

  • improve your leadership skills

  • communicate to be heard and understood

  • increase recognition of your ideas

  • communicate to persuade

  • experience greater enjoyment working (and playing) with people

Working one-to-one, I help you identify communication skills that fit you and will help you achieve your objectives. Together, we develop an effective path to your goal.

To see how I work, please go to Methodology.

Individual— working to enhance skills in team leadership, conflict resolution, career planning, social communication, and understanding U.S. culture.
Executive & Management— tuning skills in presence, presentations, management, setting and meeting business objectives, and understanding U.S. culture.

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