Why Would You Want Superior Communication Skills?

    is your career steadily advancing toward your target?
    are you getting your share of interesting projects?
    are you enjoying life fully?

Chances are you don't really think about how or what you communicate to others. If you do, you probably think it doesn't matter as long as you're smart and do good work. I used to believe this too.

The reality is that people with superior communication skills have access to more and better opportunities, which translates into increased success professionally and socially. Have you noticed how even "objective" thinkers enjoy being around excellent communicators, and give them more latitude? Many technical firms and schools—including Sun, Hewlett Packard, and MIT—supply communication training for their best and brightest. They recognize that great ideas and technical skills are not enough.

Good communication skills aren't defined by erect posture, elaborate enunciation, or following the "correct" steps and gestures outlined in presentation courses. Whether it's 1 person or 1000, good communication is about knowing your audience and feeling comfortable with them.

Successful communication requires

  • understanding the underlying reasons why people communicate—often people don't directly state what they really want

  • recognizing your common bonds with others and

  • a willingness to "translate" your message into a form others can hear and understand.


I work with you as a coach honing your unique communication skills and style.

My clients report greater ease and confidence across professional and social settings. They act with the understanding of how others see them. And yes, they have made appreciable career and social gains. After experiencing the benefits, some have said that they might have gotten there on their own—in another 7-10 years.

Are you ready to start now?

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